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Corporate Governance

The Company’s philosophy on corporate governance is aimed at:
a)Enhancing long term Shareholder value through assisting the top management in taking sound business decisions; and Prudent financial management. b) Achieving transparency and professionalism in all decisions and activities of the Company. c) Achieving excellence in Corporate Governance by Conforming to the prevalent guidelines on Corporate Governance, and excelling in, wherever possible.

• Reviewing periodically the existing systems and controls for further improvement the Board of Directors of the Company consists of professionals from varied disciplines. The day to day management of the affairs of the Company is entrusted with the senior management personnel, headed by the Managing Director, who functions under the overall supervision, direction and control of the Board of Directors of the Company.
• The Board meets regularly to discuss, review and decide upon the matters such as policy formulation, setting up of goals, appraisal of performances with the goals and control functions, etc. Some of the powers of the Board have also been delegated to Committee(s), which monitors the day to day affairs relating to operational matters. The Board thus exercises close control over the overall functioning of the Company with a view to enhance the Shareholder value
• The Independent Directors have made disclosures confirming that there are no material, financial and/or commercial transactions between Independent Directors and the Company which could have potential conflict of interest with the Company at large


Our all around Financial Assessment Tool is a unique scientific method that takes an all-round view of investments using 3 steps:
i) Need Analysis: "Know Your Client" principle is at the heart of our business. We believe that we need to know our clients risk profile, basic financial situation, to present them the right selection of investment products/schemes.
ii) Scheme Selection: We will use our best judgment and ability to present you with the best of the breed investment schemes, for our customer’s to choose from.
iii) Efficient Execution: Our service really begins when you have completed your first transaction through us. Our aim is to be continuously in touch with you with new offerings.
iv) Incredible Range of Financial Products: As distributors of financial products, we are truly unbiased in scheme selection and help you in efficient execution of your transactions.
v) Hassle-free administration: Timely updates, regular portfolio reviews and better access to management support to keep your investments on track.
vi)Pan-Indiapresence:- With our mission to spread through 120 offices in 70 cities across India in next 10 Years, we strive to maintain a consistency of relationship and experience. So within a span of 10 Years if you happen to relocate, there will be a nearby Saraswati Group Office with the same standard of service.